Establishing Ibn Sina University for Medical Sciences

With the progress that has taken place over the many aspects of life, and was reflected in medical education and health services, the need has emerged to establish medical faculties that keep pace with this development and provide society with distinguished scientific and professional health service providers, who have high communication skills and take into account the humanitarian aspects of their work.


Hence the idea of establishing Ibn Sina University for Medical Sciences, the fruit of tireless work that lasted for years, during which the administrators of the university were keen to give everything possible to achieve the goals we aspire to. The lecture rooms were designed in a modern way and provided with interactive multimedia, and care was taken to ensure that the number of students in practical and theoretical lessons was within the conditions set by the accreditation body and similar to what is done in international universities. Modern laboratories have been established and equipped to enable the student to apply all the science they learned practically; the university even provided human samples and modern optical microscopes. Each student was allocated a microscope and a computer. the laboratories were also provided with microscopic slides to study the tissues of the human body in both cases of health and illness, as well as advanced computer programs to help them understand the structure of the human body. Additionally, it is the first and only private medical university in Amman.

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