Faculty of Dentistry

The Faculty of Dentistry has been established to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the modern world of Dentistry, as the faculty is equipped with the latest classrooms, interactive projectors, and small halls for seminars and discussion panels that allow students to actively participate in the teaching process.

In addition, the college includes interactive distance learning laboratories, which will be used for lectures that will be broadcasted to the university from other places inside and outside Jordan and will also be used for college exams.  

The  library includes the latest editions of books and references that students need.

Many laboratories have been equipped, including the dentistry laboratories, dental anatomy laboratory, and oral tissues and diseases laboratory, where these laboratories were equipped with all the necessary devices, equipment, tools, video cameras, clear display screens, optical microscopes, computers, and all that is necessary for students to be able to practice appropriately and gain experiences that qualify them to move to the clinical stage and start treating patients and apply the knowledge gained in the pre-clinical stage.

A large number of clinics have also been equipped with all the necessary tools, sterilization devices, X-ray rooms, and production laboratories necessary for the treatment of patients.

We are confident that our graduates will be the most distinguished among their peers in all fields of dentistry and carry the message of the university and Jordan to the whole world.