Faculty of Medicine

In a relentless pursuit for the Faculty of Medicine, from its inception, to be in the ranks of advanced medical colleges, the university is working with elite professors who are distinguished in their specialties to teach all the subjects of basic medical sciences.

The faculty has equipped its halls and laboratories in a modern way that provides the student with a comfortable environment for studying and practical application. The lecture halls have been equipped with high-definition interactive projectors, and the college has provided small halls for seminars and discussions that allow the students to participate actively in the teaching process in small groups, where the lecturers make sure that the required information has reached all students correctly and that they are able to apply it in their next academic years and their future working life.

The faculty has an anatomy laboratory equipped with real corpses and parts of the human body preserved using the Plastination method, which is the latest method used for this purpose globally which allows the student to identify all parts of the human body. The university has provided three-dimensional computer programs that make learning anatomy easy and turns learning a difficult subject into a fun experience. The university will enable students to use these programs remotely.

The university provided the histology and pathology laboratories with modern optical microscopes and professionally prepared tissue slides to view the microscopic structure of the human body, while computers were added to combine face-to-face and virtual education to enhance the student’s understanding of these materials and increase their ability to remember. In addition, the faculty includes interactive distance learning laboratories, which will be used for lectures that will be broadcasted to the university from inside and outside Jordan and at the same time for university exams. 

The medical library includes the latest editions of books and references that students need. 

In the clinical years, students will be trained at Jordan hospital under the supervision of a distinguished group of doctors in all majors and sub-specialties.

The faculty will continue its development approach to follow the latest developments in all fields of medicine and medical education and will provide its students with internship opportunities in the world’s largest hospitals and universities. We are confident that our graduates will be the most distinguished among their peers in all fields of medicine and will carry the message of the university and Jordan to the whole world.