Public Relations & Media Unit

The Public Relations and Media unit seeks to build bridges of cooperation, introduce the university’s mission and goals, and create a prestigious image for its scientific, research, and community activities.

The role of public relations is centered on preserving the reputation and identity of the university and serving as a link between its internal community and the external community, securing and enhancing the ability and efficiency necessary to achieve the university’s vision, mission, and strategy, highlighting the university’s activities and academic and research roles, and highlighting its efforts in community service, development, and development, through Monitoring and documenting these activities with news and pictures, and providing and publishing this news to foreign media.

The unit also undertakes the preparation and organization of conferences, seminars, and workshops organized by the university and makes all the necessary arrangements. It also prepares news and press reports about the university’s activities and scientific achievements. It provides local media and news sites with them and publishes them on the university’s website.

* Highlight the university’s image among other local, regional, and international universities by highlighting the university’s most prominent scientific and community achievements.
* Building a communication network and strong public relations at the local and international levels and with all relevant parties to support the university at all levels.
Providing developmental, cultural, and social programs for students.